Mountain Show XI: Blood Revenge, Soft Cat, Train Trash, The Spookfish - April 19, 2014

I played this!!



Soft Cat joined last minute to do this and carried all their instruments, including a cello, up and down the mountain! Also, I played a new song called “snake song” and ten minutes after I finished, as I was packing my things, a black rat snake slivered right by me.

- The Spookfish

the heart

every shell you grow can be broken by love. everything broken hurts but the heart knows life’s direction better than the brain. i’m a nervous wreck but i will travel 3,600 miles to have her in my arms again. every dark shadow will be cast away into song until only life’s excitement remains. this heart yearns in a powerful way. i’ve never known this before.

Order and Chaos: an introduction

Order and Chaos will happen Jan 14th at Palates Cafe from 6:30 - 10pm

Free or suggested donation of $5

Excerpt from my 3 hour set during $acRED__sens-o-RE@L ::: SØLid S†å†∑ În†ELL¡genç∑ at Bizarre Bar in Brooklyn, NY hosted by VV/LD TØR∇S

Mountain Show VIII: Moon Oracle, Daniel Klag, Bradley Bailey, Train Trash, The Spookfish - September 28, 2013



This time the weather forecast was good for once, but the show was once again threatened by news of a gunman that had ditched his car very close to the trailhead three days before. To my surprise, none of the performers wanted to cancel and a huge group of people came along to play and…

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

What do you use to make your noise music?

I use a variety of keyboards and synths, microphones, pedals of all kinds and anything that can make sound.

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Two Modern Blokes - Everything is Chemical Virtual 7”

Official Paperwork

A Bad Lobster in a Dark Cellar

Lara Avery’s Dream